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Begin Working With Me

We begin by getting to know and understand you, together.

I listen carefully and reflect back what I hear, so that you can let me know if I’m really “getting” you. This helps us form connections between your experiences and your feelings about your thoughts, impulses or behaviors.  We’ll look at your current life, your early life, and even your “life” in the therapy room with me to see if we can find themes that exist in all three areas.  We'll address any areas that need quick action, like physical safety, sleep hygiene, or any other stressors that need immediate attention. Together, we will also discuss if utilizing body-based techniques like EMDR, Brainspotting, and/or Somatic Experiencing would be a good addition to our work together.

successful healing


A successful therapeutic relationship is much about personalities, “Clicking.”  I encourage new clients to attend a few sessions and then check-in to see how they feel; if, for whatever reason, we’re not the right fit, I am happy to help you get connected to another provider.  I invite you to come to me with any concerns; while I am pretty good at reading people, I am not a mind-reader.  It’s more important to me that clients get the care that they need, even if it isn’t with me.

tuning the mind


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